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Chamane Lumière

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Head pull : a signed 18 x 26 cm print of the cover photo is inserted in the book.

Time, bodies and minds are out of tune. We search in vain, day and night, for ways of reconciliation with ourselves, and with the world in devastation.on.

In 2010, Flore-Aël Surun, member of the Tendance Floue agency, met shamanism, before moving closer in 2016 to the Circle of wisdom of ancestral traditions: each year, to honor the prophecy of the Circle of Nations, shamans from all over the world come together. meet in France..

Accepting to be revealed by the moving light of the photographer moving around two, these men and women, capable of dialoguing with the 10,000 Spirits, appear in all the power of their mystery, their strangeness, their profound singularity.é.

Guaranteeing the order of the world and preserving the laws of interactions between the domains of the visible and the invisible, shamans are among the last protectors of a planet and of a humanity who have probably never suffered so much in their entirety.alité.

Far from being just a collection of fascinating portraits of these intermediaries from five continents, exercising their rites between life and death, the book that Flore-Aël Surun designed is also the testimony of personal experiences. From her relations with the non-visible, she shares with us her research for sacred symbolic thresholds. These are not answers, but doors open to the imagination, to our intuitions, because the entities of nature and of other worlds love territories where they can escape the immediate gaze of human beings.ins. 

This book also poses the question of the function of the artist in a sick society, and more specifically of the role of the conscious photographer to work on a new arch of alliance.e.

Fabien Ribery


The introduction to the book is signed by Nicolas Menut, responsible for documentary acquisitions of the heritage department and collections of the Quai Branly museum.


220 pages

± 120 photographs

Format 195 x 290 mm - Hard cover

ISBN: 978-2-36510-067-0

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